Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant

What is the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant?

The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant provides funding to assist in the refurbishment of vacant and derelict homes, meaning you may qualify to get extra funding if you are turning a vacant house or building into your permanent home or a rental property. 

A grant of up to €70,000 is available. The scheme offers up to €50,000 to renovate a vacant property and an additional top-up grant of up to €20,000 if the property is derelict.

The scheme only applies to vacant property, defined as properties which have not been occupied for at least two years, and it can also be used to renovate and convert properties that have not been used as residential properties before.

Do I qualify for the Grant?

To qualify for the grant, you must:

  • Have proof of ownership or evidence of active negotiations to buy the property (i.e. A confirmation of engagement from the estate agent or owner of the property) where you are seeking approval in principle for a grant.
  • Live in the property as your principal private residence or make it available for rent.
  • Have proof that the property has been vacant for at least 2 years and that it was built up to and including 2007. 
  • A quotation(s) in respect of the works proposed
  • Any other supporting documentation that your local authority may request to support your application.

If you are seeking a top-up grant for works to a derelict property: you will also need an independent report confirming the property is structurally unsound and dangerous or confirmation that it is on the derelict Sites Register.

What work counts as refurbishment?

Work which the scheme can cover includes demolition and site clearances, substructure works including work to foundations, rising walls, floor slabs, damp-proofing and underpinning, structural works including the construction of walls, roofs, windows and doors as well as building services including plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical services.


How do I apply?

Local authorities administer the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant. To apply for the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant an applicant must send a completed form and supporting documents to their local authority. You can also contact your local authority and request to speak to the Vacant Homes Officer. They will be able to assist you with any queries you may have.


Points to Note

  • Local authorities will prioritise applications in areas where the level of vacancy or dereliction is high.
  • Application forms and further details are available via local authorities.
  • There are certain clawbacks on the grant if the property is sold/put to a different use within a certain time period.